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Glaucoma Eye Surgery

Advanced Glaucoma Eye Surgery In Lucknow

It’s critical that people with Glaucoma surgery  in Lucknow receive specialist treatment. If left untreated, fluid accumulation in the eyes can damage the optic nerve and cause irreversible visual impairment. Glaucoma, which is the second most common cause of blindness worldwide, is a group of conditions that affect the optic nerve in the eyes. Fluid usually builds up in the anterior segment of the eye, exerting pressure that progressively destroys the optic nerve. This pressure is also known as eye pressure or intraocular pressure (IOP). Irreversible and permanent visual loss from poorly managed or neglected glaucoma may eventually result in blindness. In order to address these issues, think about speaking with the best glaucoma specialist in Lucknow and looking into solutions like the best glaucoma surgeon in Lucknow’s glaucoma eye surgery. Seek treatment for your glaucoma at a recognized Lucknow glaucoma eye clinic to guarantee thorough and efficient treatment.



Because of the fact that open-angle glaucoma sometimes causes moderate to severe damage in one eye while only modest symptoms are seen in the other, it poses a special difficulty. This common kind of glaucoma can go undiagnosed for a long time; up to 90% of Americans who have the ailment do so. Fluid builds up in the eyes’ drainage canals due to the slow building of resistances, which puts pressure on the optic nerve over months or years.

This is important to get specialist care in Lucknow to treat open-angle glaucoma. To learn more about your treatment choices and get your health evaluated, think about contacting the Best Glaucoma surgery in Lucknow. Reputable glaucoma eye clinics in Lucknow may offer thorough care and help you navigate various treatments including glaucoma eye surgery, which is carried out by the city’s top glaucoma surgeon. For open-angle glaucoma to have as little negative effect on your vision as possible, early identification and treatment at a specialized institution are essential.



There are no overt signs of open angle glaucoma. To identify this condition, frequent ocular examinations are crucial. The symptoms of closed angle glaucoma are more severe and can appear unexpectedly.

Risk Factors

Individuals with diabetes face a doubled risk of developing glaucoma. Additionally, several other risk factors contribute to the likelihood of glaucoma, including:

How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

Glaucoma is diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination. Here’s an overview of the diagnostic

To Examine Your Glaucoma

One or more of these painless tests might be performed by an eye doctor:


Laser Treatment for Glaucoma

Your glaucoma Eye surgery  in Lucknow may improve fluid outflow from your eye by using laser therapy, which is a process that involves a powerful light beam. Though useful, laser therapy could not completely eliminate the need for eye drops. Although laser treatments can have a variety of effects, in certain circumstances the benefits might continue for years. The top glaucoma doctor in Lucknow may think about repeating particular laser treatment kinds in order to maximize results. Seeking advice from the top Lucknow Glaucoma Eye Surgery specialist will help you take a more holistic approach to your glaucoma treatment by offering you advice on appropriate solutions that are customized to meet your unique requirements.


Surgery : Another method of lowering ocular pressure is surgery. Although it is more intrusive than drops or lasers, it can also manage ocular pressure more effectively and quickly. While surgery can help delay the progression of visual loss, it cannot treat glaucoma or restore lost eyesight. Your doctor may select one glaucoma surgery over another based on the particular kind and severity of your condition.

The most common :  The TRABE (Trabeculectomy) procedure is a form of glaucoma surgery in which a portion of the eye drainage tubes are removed to facilitate easier fluid outflow.